Large Dracaena ‘Janet Craig' (Bush)
Large Dracaena ‘Janet Craig' (Bush) - Pafe Plants 1

Large Dracaena ‘Janet Craig' (Bush)

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How many different ways can a Dracaena exist? There are over 100 different species of this plant, and we’ve got another one for ya to meet. Get to know our Dracaena Solid, or as some others call it, the Dracaena Green. This name was thought up to represent the solid emerald color of the leaves. Unlike other striped or patterned variations, this one is just a field of rich, green. It’s nice to have a pure green plant with no variegation, as these look great in the background to highlight our more fiery dragon plants like the sassy Lemon Lime

Dracaena Janet Craig (Bush) Benefits

Plants come with a range of helpful benefits we love to enjoy. Besides bringing tropical colors and life into your home, you can enjoy cleaner air and raised levels of productivity. These beauties are great at removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with clean oxygen. Constantly filtered air removes stagnancy and instills energy in those who surround themselves. Get this stunner in your office or study den right now. 

Get Shrubbed

You’ve got the bush variety of this Dracena Janet Craig. The leaves of these beauties are great in that they are easy to manipulate and can be grown a number of different ways. This one has shorter, stubby, yet pointed leaves that spike out in a circle, like a bush. While other Dracaena leaves start growing at the bottom of the trunk and make their way to the top, making the houseplant look more like a stalk. Which type of Dracaena is your favorite?

Get Her Some Friends

Don’t let your Dracaena Janet Craig bush live a lonely life on her own, everyone needs friends. Once you’ve gotten your current beauty settled, you should probably collect a few more variations... to keep your Dracaena company of course! The more the merrier, and they also look cooler all huddled together. Other variations of this ginormous genus that you can buy at Pafe Plants are the Carmen, Dorado, and, Compacta, to name a few.

A Stalker

Be careful, this plant’s a stalker. And by stalker, I mean that it has long, thin, tube-like trunks that look like stalks. Do those two words not mean the same thing? Customers love the shared Dracaena characteristic of thick, cream-colored trunks that grow tall, and narrow, like stalks of corn. Some Dracaena have stalks that grow up straight and hang out side by side, while other trunks are braided and twist around themselves for a more intricate look.

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