Large Mass Cane Stump
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Large Mass Cane Stump

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This large-size Mass Cane (stump) houseplant is available for 2-day local delivery to areas in NY and NJ. An absolute treasure, other nicknames for this emerald gem are Striped Dracaena or Corn Plant because of its stalk-like appearance. Customers love this cute Cane because it gives off a tropical vibe, and has an adorable stump. Once you’ve brought home this Mass Cane (stump), you can collect our full-size Mass Cane, which has a trunk that stretches much taller and doesn’t look much like a stump at all.  It comes from the jungles of Africa, where it can grow a lot bigger under the right conditions. Check out what it will look like in your home with our handy, new augmented reality (AR) feature (with your smartphone).

Mass Cane (Stump) Benefits

Since it’s a “stump” variant of the much, taller Mass Cane houseplant, this Mass Cane works well in smaller rooms with lower ceilings. Adding to that, studies also show that the Mass Cane can improve the energy of the room it’s in by detoxifying nearby air. This happens when the plant removes air toxins from the environment around it and replaces it with pure air. Some toxins include carbon dioxide among others. The Cane is also pretty easy to manage in terms of lighting, as it can adapt to different levels under the right conditions.

All Corned Up

Also a Dracaena, this one has a few nicknames that relate to its good looks. The ‘Mass Cane’ and ‘Corn Plant’ nicknames both refer to the plants treelike ‘canes’ or branches that point straight up, like a corn stalk. The glossy leaves also contribute to the nicknames because of their bright hues. With cream and lime green lines outlined by emerald green stripes on the outside of the leaf, they also look like shucked ears of corn.

A Sensational Gift

If you’ve decided to give your friend a gorgeous Mass Cane Stump, you’ve made the right choice. This adorable houseplant makes a great gift to almost anyone. For those forgetful or busy folk who may accidentally skip a few days of watering, this Stump-Cane probably won’t notice.

Fiery Dracaena

Going back to the origin of the name, ‘Dracaena’, it means ‘female dragon’ and originates from ancient Greece. When considering the Cane’s majestic appearance, this name makes total sense. The leaves are slim and pointed, like swords, and the short, wide trunks resemble dragon scales with varying shades of tan, brown, and green.

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