Large Monstera deliciosa
Large Monstera deliciosa
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Large Monstera deliciosa

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Potential NYC and NJ customers keep asking about our Monstera deliciosa (large size). This stunning plant hails from central America, deep within its tropical forests. Its heart-shaped leaves with natural splitting holes set the plant apart from others and make it a beautiful addition to any room. The monstera grows best in ones with bright sunlight, but it can get accustomed to medium conditions. While humid air is preferred, the deliciosa does fine with regular room humidity.

Great Floor Plant

The large monstera works great for most NYC and NJ homes and apartments because of its size. When in its large phase, the plant can reach 2 and 3 feet in height, spreading 2 to 3 feet wide, allowing it to fit on the floor as a tropical highlight in most rooms.

Split Leaves

When in its younger stages, the deliciosa's leaves start off with several natural holes. As the plant matures, the holes get longer until they eventually form a split in the leaves, giving the monstera its island appearance and the nickname “swiss cheese plant”.

Tropical Colors

Embrace the tropics into your home when you add the monstera to your plant collection. It has rich, glossy, hunter green leaves paired with splashes of lime here and there, encapsulating a lush, tropical feel that plant parents love.

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