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Full Size Audrey Ficus Variegated

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Customers are raving about our cute Ficus Audrey Variegated and how it can sometimes make a good alternative for our more involved Ficus plants. Scientifically known as the Ficus benghalensis, this baby is a newer ficus that’s only recently been available in the U.S. Don’t waste any time and get your hands on this full-size Ficus Audrey here at Pafe Plants right away. Keep an eye out for our new AR feature that lets you see the plant in your home with just your phone.

Ficus Audrey Benefits

Ficus Audrey plants are much easier to take care of then other Ficus plants. They adapt quite easily to moves and different lighting conditions, and don’t wilt right away if you forget to water them. Adding to that, it can circulate the air in any room it’s placed in, keeping energies high and boosting productivity.

Playful and Fun

This Ficus benghalensis has a fun, whimsical appeal to it that many plant families love. This variegated version makes it even more fun with the military green leaves mixed with bolt yellow variegations. We also love it’s cute, thin, woody trunks that sprout the stems. They stand tall and slim, with some stems sloping out at odd angles. Some Audreys grow in a wavy pattern and kind look like a leaning tower of emerald beauty.


Sister to the Ficus Lyrata, AKA the sassy Fiddle Leaf Fig, this Audrey is simpler to take care of and more forgiving then her sister. Other differences between the two are in their looks. They may be a part of the same family, but do have their own unique vibes that make it fun to collect them all. The Fig has one tall, thin, wooden trunk (like Audrey), but the leaves only start sprouting at the top of the plant, and look like big spinach chunks with vains. Unlike Audrey, which has smaller, shiny, oval-shaped leaves growing from the bottom of the trunk, through the top. 

Bigger in Nature

The Ficus Audrey variegated is native to the tropics of India and Pakistan, where it can grow to massive sizes in the right circumstances. Unlike it’s contained houseplant counterpart, some of them have reached sizes of over 100 feet tall. Not to mention it’s leaves spread much wider into a canopy that can leave you breathless, as it can extend several acres wide. Audrey is quite the stunner!

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