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The Audrey ficus shows off large, fuzzy green leaves that sprout from thin, pale branches. As part of the Ficus family, this plant can be a challenge, but it is a much easier alternative to their popular cousin: the Fiddle Leaf fig. Due to their whimsical growth patterns and lower maintenance requirements, Audrey ficuses are starting to grow more and more popular in the houseplant community. Similar to the other relatives in the Ficus genus, ficus Audrey is considered toxic to pets – keep the leaves and sap out of reach of any curious pets.


The best light for the Audrey ficus is several hours of bright, indirect light - you can place them in a bright room, but away from the window. They can tolerate some direct morning and evening sun, just be sure to avoid extended periods of direct sunlight during the afternoon as it will burn the leaves.   


Audreys thrive in consistently moist soil and should never be allowed to dry out completely. Allow the top 2 to 3 inches of soil to dry between waterings and then water thoroughly, until you see water coming from the drainage holes or collecting in the tray underneath. 


These trees can grow up to 10 feet tall indoors. Pruning can help to control the size of the plant, and it can also encourage new growth. It is best to prune in the spring or summer months when the plant is in its active growing period.

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