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Huge Ficus 'Danielle'

Huge Ficus 'Danielle'

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The Ficus Danielle is a bushier, slower-growing variety of the Ficus benjamina, and is also known as the Weeping Danielle Fig. This plant's mature leaves are a beautiful dark green, while the new growth is a contrasting lime green, all sprouting from cool, dark purple branches. The dense growth pattern of the leaves makes this plant a fantastic air purifier! Similar to the other relatives in the Ficus genus, the Danielle is toxic to pets and humans – keep the leaves and sap out of reach of any curious pets and people.

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To keep your Danielle vibrant and happy, you need to bathe it in several hours of bright, indirect light - you can place them in a bright room, but away from the window. Excessive amounts (over 4 hours daily) of direct sunlight, will burn the leaves over a period of time

Watering *Schedule*

We don't like to define watering "schedules" because how often you water really depends on your indoor environment and the seasonality. Danielles prefer soil that is left to partially dry between waterings and, in typical Ficus fashion, the Danielle prefers a regular and consistent watering in the spring and summer. Check the soil moisture before watering, for a big Danielle this size, if it's dry 3"-4" into the pot, then it's time to give the plant a drink. Water thoroughly (this is very important), until you see water coming from the drainage holes or collecting in the tray underneath. Remember, when you let the plant dry out thoroughly then you can't really overwater the plant by the amount of water you put in.

*if you are here via a google search looking to learn more about watering instructions for the danielles, it is crucial that you read our ficus watering guide (because Danielles are ficus plants) (coming soon). Because the watering information above is for Danielles of the huge (17" diameter pot) size and plant size matters when it comes to watering. 

Growth Habits

When they are grown in pots, the Danielles can grow to be anywhere around 10 feet tall! It is a fast grower and may need to be repotted up to once per year – do so in the early spring for best results.

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