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Large Devil's Ivy Pole

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We have a few Pothos at our shop, this one is our Gold Pothos, more commonly known as the Devil’s Ivy. Other cool Pothos you should check out includes the Jade, Neon, and Marble Queen, to name a few. They are all similar in how their leaves are shaped, but their variegation and color change significantly. Other nicknames for the Devil’s Ivy are Ivy Arum, Hunter’s Robe, Solomon Islands Ivy, and Taro Vine. Now you can see what the Pothos will look like in your home before it arrives. Use our augmented reality feature (AR) paired with your smartphone to put an image of the plant in any room you want. Free 2-day delivery to locals in NY and NJ.  

Large Devil’s Ivy Benefits

The Devil’s Ivy is super easy to maintain and care for. The houseplant is pretty hardy and is usually difficult to kill. It thrives in all kinds of light conditions and doesn’t require much watering. Additional benefits include the ability of houseplants to clean the air around them. During photosynthesis activities, plants can suck up air toxins and reproduce pure air in its place. The plant that just keeps on giving.

Neon Paint Job

Gold Pothos house plants have striking foliage that looks like someone splashed neon yellow and lime green paint all over it. The unique variegation of the leaves is one of the things that makes the Devil’s Ivy so special, as each plant will have a different set of vibrant, neon paint splotches.

Raining Leaves

The leaves of the Devil’s Ivy grow and appear in bunches, it almost looks as if it’s raining leaves when the plant is propped on a trellis or pole. Use a long, sturdy, stick to wrap your Ivy around and create a bright, climbing houseplant. It makes a great decorative piece that will light up any room it’s in.

Doesn't Respect Personal Space

The name “Devil's Ivy” is given to the plant because of how hard it is to kill. In some outdoor scenarios, the species is pretty invasive and can end up growing out of control with the right conditions. Silver lining? This trait makes the plant pretty easy to propagate...meaning awesome gold Pothos gifts for all! Just cut the vines with leaf nodes and place them in water. After a while roots will sprout and you can transfer to soil. Voila!

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