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Low Light Trio

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If you’re still searching for the perfect gift idea or just want to spice up your own plant collection this time of the year, we have put together a low light plant bundle just for you. This includes beauties like the Medium Jade pothos, ZZ, and small Parlor Palm, and all three of these good-lookn’ houseplants do quite well with low-light conditions, giving the basement peeps and natural light deficient a chance for some green plant love.

When you look at the jade pothos you’re getting one of the easiest maintenance houseplants that’s also a glossy, green forest. The Parlor Palm contrasts that by adding in some tropical flair, with dark green leaves with long, pointed fronds that give it a lusher appeal. Last, but definitely not least comes the ZZ green machine complements the other two with its thin, dark, glossy green leaves that splash outward. It’s accustomed to dry climates, so it’s also pretty hardy.

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