Productivity Booster Filler Pack

Productivity Booster Filler Pack

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NYC/NJ EXCLUSIVE, learn more.
Low light tolerant
Low maintenance
Standard size floor plant
Great for desktops, shelves ...etc
Free re-potting when you buy our pot
Guaranteed for 14 days
Comes with care instructions
Support SMS: +1(609) 968-7063

Have you been working from home recently and have trouble with productivity? The work from home perk does have its benefits, but we can definitely relate to lags in productivity when you’re all comfy at home. That’s why Pafe Plants has crafted up some Plant Bundles to help you boost your productivity and creativity. How can our plant bundle help improve productivity you ask? Let me count the ways:

  1. Plants are known for their air purifying ability. Cleaner air can naturally help people feel healthier. You’re more likely to be productive when you feel good.
  2. Less chemicals in the environment are good for your immune system, which can help you settle down and feel less stressed.
  3. When plants remove toxins like carbon dioxide and replace with pure oxygen, it reduces stagnancy in the room and environment, making it easier to feel comfortable enough to hunker down and complete projects.

Let us help you be more productive with a jazzy, new WFH Productivity Plant Bundle. The productivity booster filler pack includes: Medium Snake Plant & Medium Peace Lily for desktop plants and Large Peace Lily and Large Chinese Evergreen 'maria' for floor plants. These plants are very easy care and are the top plants for air purifying. We will also include care instructions so you know exactly how to care for your plants :) We will also deliver in 2 days to NYC and New Jersey area. Wouldn't want to procrastinate on this one :)

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