Small Peruvian Cactus

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This cactus has a couple nicknames: most commonly known as the Peruvian Apple Cactus, it is also referred to as a giant club cactus or a hedge cactus thanks to how large they can grow! This succulent is native to the Andes Mountains in South America. The deep green, star-shaped stalk and contrasting red protective spikes makes the Peruvian Cactus the only plant you need for a fun desert vibe!

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To encourage growth and flowering, this cactus needs plenty of bright light and can withstand direct sun all day. Depending where you are, you'll possibly be moving the cactus outdoors for the spring and summer. If that's the plan, make sure to do so early in the spring to give the plant enough time to builds up a tolerance to the new amount of light. Be sure to rotate the plant every few weeks to make sure the whole cactus is getting an equal amount of light.


Just like the rest of the cacti family, water the Peruvian cactus when the soil has dried out completely. Place the pot in a water bath to avoid getting the stalk(s) wet. Let the soil soak up the water it needs, then leave the pot to drain any excess water that has collected. 


Depending on the environment, care, and support, these cacti have been reported to grow anywhere from 5 to 100 feet tall! Without the proper lighting, the cactus will grow slowly and it might get a little thin and lopsided. Soil that is too wet for too long will make the stalk(s) mushy and slouched – this is a sign of root rot.