WFH Jungle Pack

WFH Jungle Pack

Regular price $310.00 14-Day Guarantee
33 dd
Comes with all plants in the picture.
NYC/NJ EXCLUSIVE, learn more.
Low maintenance
Standard size floor plant
Great for desktops, shelves ...etc
Free re-potting when you buy our pot
Guaranteed for 14 days
Comes with care instructions
Support SMS: +1(609) 968-7063

Sometimes working from home can have its challenges. WFH can make things even tougher when you’re bored or unhappy with your place so if work and life has got you tied up, we’ll give you a boost :) Let Pafe Plant’s new Work from Home Bundles get you back on track. When work and life get tricky, we keep things easy while also dressing up your home office.

The WFH starter pack includes a Medium ZZ plant, Medium Snake Plant & Medium Marble Queen Pothos as desktop plants, and Large Chinese Evergreen 'maria' & Full Size Scheffleras as Floor Plants. These plants are not only very easy care, they are also the top plants for purifying the air and ultimately boosting productivity, creativity and mood. We'll also include care instructions so you'll know exactly how to care for these plants without doing any other research. You’re at home most of the time after all, so you have to keep your think tank space looking fly. 

Let us get those creative juices flowing with our Work from Home Bundles, oh and we will also deliver these (free delivery) locally within 2 days :)

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