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Full Size Mass Cane

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This full-size plant in our NYC / NJ shop really is something special. Other names for this tropical gem are Striped Dracaena or Corn Plant because of how it looks to others. The Mass Cane is scientifically known as the Dracaena massangeana or Dracaena fragrans. Customers love the Cane because it gives off a lush aesthetic and can really bring the rainforest vibe home. It comes from the jungles of Africa, where it can stretch over 50 feet tall, unlike the houseplant. Check out what it will look like in your home with our handy, new AR feature.

Mass Cane Benefits

Studies demonstrate the Mass Cane can improve concentration and boost productivity in the room it’s in. This happens when the plant removes air toxins from the environment around it and replaces it with pure air. Some toxins include carbon dioxide and formaldehyde to name a few.

It’s Kinda Corny

Dracaena fragrans has a few nicknames that have to do with its stunningly good looks. The ‘Mass Cane’ and ‘Corn Plant’ nicknames both refer to the plants treelike ‘canes’ or branches that point straight up, like a corn stalk. The shiny leaves also contribute to the nicknames because of their bright hues. With yellow and lime green splashes outlined by emerald green lines on the outside of the leaf, they look like ears of corn before they’ve been picked. Do you see any other corny similarities with the full-size Mass Cane?

A Hardy Gift

Want to gift the Mass Cane to a loved one? You’ve made the right choice. This beauty makes a great addition to any plant lover, new or veteran. For those busy beings who may forget to water it a couple of times, it probably won’t notice. The Cane is also pretty easy to manage in terms of lighting, as it can adapt to different levels under the right circumstances.

It Burns!

The Mass Cane has a name to rival the flaming, night sky. Going back to the history of the name, ‘Dracaena’ means ‘female dragon’ and originates from ancient Greece. When considering the Cane’s enchanting appearance, the name makes sense. The leaves are slim and jagged, like swords, and the thick, tree-like trunks appear as dragon scales with rich shades of cream, brown, and forest green.

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