Return Policy

Every plant is handled with care from transporting to packaging. Our boxes are also specially designed to keep everything inside the box (plant and pot) at minimal or no damage.

In the rare cases that your plant or the pot does arrive severely damaged, please reach out to us and we will process a replacement or refund for you. 

However, there is a chance that your plant may be arrived shock, meaning it just did not handle "staying in a box" well and is droopy or wilting when it arrives. In the chances that your plant does arrive shocked, our plant care team will be there to help with getting your plant back to normal with guidance. Please note, that a shocked plant is not a dead plant, it just needs a little adapting and care to come back to normal.

On top of guarantee during initial arrival, if your plant dies within 2 weeks of arrival, we can replace it as well.

Our plant care team is also ready to answer and hold your hand through all questions you may have if your plant is showing signs of distress.