Winter Shipping Policy

Shipping live plants in the winter can get tricky sometimes, due to unforeseen carrier delays, extreme winter temperatures, etc. Our solution to that is our winter packaging which includes an aluminum layer wrapped around your plant along with a heat-pack. Of course, this will add extra labor and material, therefore, winter packaging will be an extra surcharge to your order.

But things happen, and mother nature doesn't always break our way, so here's what will be provided in the unlikely event of mishap:

1. If you’ve paid for winter packaging and your plant arrives frost damaged:

  - We will replace your plant when we deem the weather is safe for shipping. 

  - Please note that we cannot cancel or refund an order once the plants are sent out of our greenhouse.

2. If you did not add winter packaging to your order and your plant arrives frost damaged:

  - We cannot replace or refund your order.

Winter shipping gets tricky sometimes and we will do everything to make sure that your plant will arrive in the best shape. That means that we cannot refund or cancel your order once the plant has been sent out on our end. However, replacements can be granted if you add winter packaging to your order.