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Plants and Plant Maintenance Services in New York City

dahing clover plant services

At Dahing Plants, we take plants seriously. From pre-potted plants to pet-friendly plants, we're sure to have the plant you need. We also provide New York City's best plant maintenance services. When you choose a maintenance plan through Dahing Plants, you're able to take advantage of a 40% discount on plants that are bought along with our maintenance plan. On top of that, our maintenance plan customers receive a 10% discount on future purchases. Add FREE next-day shipping, and you can't lose!

potted plant

Let Us Take Care of the Dirty Work

We provide free re-potting before we deliver your plant if you decide to buy a plant with a planter.
plant watering

Stay Hydrated

 Your plants need water, but how much? A cactus or succulent requires a different watering schedule than a tropical plant. No matter what variety of plants you choose, we know exactly when and how much water it needs.

plant soil

Soil Science

 Healthy soil ensures your plant will thrive. We promote plant growth by maintaining healthy soil through efficient nutrient and water uptake and also being sure your plant is draining effectively.

plant fertilizer

Feed me, Seymour!

Plants get hungry as well as thirsty. At Dahing Plants, we match the fertilizers with the needs of your plants. We'll take care of the plant food, you watch them grow and thrive.

plant trimming

Shave and a Haircut

Every now and then, your plant could use a good trimming in order to look their best. When we trim your plants, we know exactly how much and how often they should be trimmed to keep them healthy.

plant replacement

Health Insurance For Your Plants

Plants are living things, and just like animals, they can get sick and die. Keeping your plants healthy is our main goal, but in the rare instance when a plant does go bad, you can rest assured that we'll replace it at no cost to you.

plant clean up

Keep It Clean

Working with plants means dealing with soil. Fear not! We'll always clean up after ourselves so you don't have to worry about a mess when we're finished.

plant light

Perfect Placement

What plants would be good for your home? We offer a full package that includes visiting and analyzing your home to know what type of plants would thrive. 

plant maintenance

But Wait, There's More!

Who doesn't like a discount? Our maintenance plan not only includes taking care of your plants, but it also includes a 40% discount that is applied to the number of plants you purchase along with our maintenance plan. On top of that, we'll throw in a 10% discount on future purchases to our maintenance plan clients.