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Medium Jade Pothos

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The medium size Jade Pothos available to our NYC and NJ customers is a refreshing and vibrant addition to any plant collection. One of the several variations of the Epipremnum aureum, it can grow pretty quickly when cared for properly. When indoors, it’s vines can reach several feet in length or height. Some parts of the world refer to this plant as the Devil’s Ivy.

A Plant That Talks

Pothos plants, in general, are pretty resilient and make great plants for beginners. They don’t freak out over poor air circulation, need to be watered too often, and do pretty well in indirect sunlight. This means they can be further away from the windows. Additionally, if you forget to water it once it should bounce back pretty quickly, they tend to overcome dry spells easily. The plant will react negatively, however, if you water it too much. Make sure to let the water completely drain before you water your Jade again.

Tropical Hanging Beauty

The Jade Pothos will eventually grow long, full, cascading arms that can hang over 3 feet in length if grown properly. At this medium stage, the Jade is still pretty small in size, its vines approximately 12 inches tall give or take.

Cleaner Air

Pothos plants are great for purifying the air of the rooms they’re in. They absorb surrounding toxins through tiny pours in their leaves and then release clean oxygen back into the environment. These plants are great to put in bedrooms, living rooms, or other spaces where people will be hanging out.

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