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Welcome to our FAQ Page!

Pafe Live?

Sorry for the confusion, that's a bug that we're still working to fix. The plant with the upgraded product page has the correct pricing.


1. Go into a product of your choice.

2. Choose the subplant (the unique plants available in our inventory) that you would like to see the height of.

3. Click "View height of this plant".

4. In the popup image, you'll see a ruler that'll indicate the height of the selected plant.

It is, by far, the easiest way to shop plants online in 2021, shop with Pafe Live now

In a nut shell, Pafe Live is the feature that Pafe Plants introduced in 2021 to give users the ability to choose the exact plant that they want online before they make a decision to order it and get it shipped to them.

Here's how you go about that:

1. Choose and click into a product (a main plant), as usual.

2. Now you should see the "Step 1: Pick your own plant" section, which contains pictures of individual plants available in our live inventory. All you have to do is tap the one you like!

3. Check out and get the exact plant shipped to you in our protective shipping boxes.

Sounds cool right? Give Pafe Live a try!  

Pots and planters

All of our planters are Ceramic, except for the original pot that the plant comes in- which is plastic.

And don't worry, we thought about it and figured out the perfect solution to ship plants in ceramic pots without damaging either of the items. AND our shipping solution for the floor plants are eco-fri endly too :)

Don't believe us? Order it to see yourself! (if it arrives damaged, we'll replace it).

Yes. and they come with matching saucers to hold the excess water.

Hand-pick the perfect plant with the perfect pot today.  

This will depend on two factors, the plant size and your current pot diameter size.

As a general guide:

Small size plants should be re-potted in a 4-5" diameter planter.

Medium size plants should be re-potted in a 6-8" diameter planter.

Large size plants should be re-potted in a 12-14" diameter planter.

Full size plants should be re-potted in a 14-16" diameter planter.

Hand-pick the perfect plant online and get it shipped to you! 

Simply put: re-potting is moving your plant into a bigger pot. It is an important step that, when done correctly, ensures that your plant will reach it's highest growth potential. 

When you buy a plant along with the pot from us, we will repot the plant in the pot for free! We have modern ceramic planter selections to match your vibe and having us repot it for your saves you from the dirty work and ensures that your plant is potted properly.

Order your plant and have us re-pot it! 


We will ship out your order the day after you place it, and that's when you'll receive a tracking link.

From there, it'll depend on your location for the transit time, but in general:

  • if you're in the east coast, then it'll take 1-2 days to arrive.
  • if you're in the west coast, then it'll take 2-5 days to arrive.

So to sum up, you'll receive your plant in:

  • 2-3 days if you're in the east coast.
  • 3-6 days if you're in the west coast.

You don't need to look any further, we have the fastest shipping time, order now

It's free. And it's fast (next day shipping). I know, it's amazing and you should try us out

To be straight-forward, no. BUT, you can make the order now and send us an email with your ideal arrive date, and then we can schedule it out on our end to have the package arrive very close to your ideal arrival date.

Order a plant now!   

We re-pot the plant into the pot (no charge) before we send it out to you. The plant and the pot will be in the same box surrounded by protective packaging to ensure a safe and damage-free arrival!

Order a plant and a pot today!  

To the 51 states of United States, excluding Alaska. 

Get a plant shipped to you today!