Top 5 Office Plants That'll Survive Anything

Top 5 Office Plants That'll Survive Anything

Ever think "this office is missing something"?

  • Large corporations like HBC realizes the benefits that plants bring to an office space and they've made a great effort to bring green into the workspace. 
  • Large, easy-care floor plants are easy to care for, create stunning visual impact, and promote amazing health benefits!
  • Read more on where a good starting point is or if you need guidance picking out the right ones!

The benefits of indoor plants in the workplace are numerous. Working in a biophilic environment can promote the following proven outcomes:

  • increased productivity
  • elevated mood
  • decreased stress
  • improved air quality

While many doubt the impact that a small green desk plant can make, decorating your office with large indoor plants is especially beneficial for purifying the air and creating an impressive visual impact without clutter. As superficial as it may seem, having a beautiful, nature-inspired work environment is good for mental health and the brand’s overall profitability.   

If you’re new to houseplants but want to elevate your office aesthetic, we recommend you start with these big, leafy, low-maintenance floor plants:  

Mass Cane

Brother to the Lisa Canes, the Dracaena fragrans Massangeana (Mass cane). A thick, tan trunk and bright, green-striped leaves make the mass cane an exotic muse for creativity and a gentle place to rest your eyes. 

Reaching up to 8 feet in height, a single mass cane plant can dramatically enhance your office interior. Despite such value, the mass cane is tolerant of low light and even some negligence. Water when the top two inches of soil get dry, or about once every two weeks.

The almighty cane plants are here.


Monstera Deliciosa

An evergreen tropical shrub, the Monstera deliciosa (if you pronounce it "Monster"-"a", it's forgivable) is easily everyone's favorite plant "with holes in the leaves". Known for their aesthetically captivating leaf holes, Monsteras are often referred to as swiss cheese plants (a nickname that doesn’t do their beauty justice).  

The best thing about Monsteras is that they make amazing additions to your floor plant collection without adding to your already overburdened workload. Monsteras prefer some shade, so don’t worry if your office isn’t flooded with natural light. Most Monstera plants will do also fine if watered once every couple of weeks. They are usually the first one to sell out in our shop!

Like the difference sizes of the Monstera leaves, we have a couple different sizes of the Monstera plants that are available to be shipped to UPS tomorrow.



Between the woven trunks and bright, star-like leaves, just staring at a Pachira aquatica (money tree) can be a therapeutic experience. Money trees will typically grow up to 3.5 feet, making them just the right fit for small to moderately sized office spaces.

The Money trees are also know to bring good fortunate to any space that has them and they are forgiving of low light conditions and infrequent waterings. The leaves are thin like... like money paypaaaaa.

We currently have a few different forms of the money trees in stock, braided, stumps, desktop, and floor plants, here take a peek for yourself.

By now you may have realized that "Hey, all of these plants only need to be watered once a week?"- we will get to that question later in this article.


ZZ Plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ) plant is a favorite among plant lovers because of its elegantly stacked dark, green leaves and sprawling reach. ZZ plants make a great addition to any interior, immediately captivating the eye and creating the perfect anchor piece for an indoor plant arrangement.

Their tolerance for drought, neglect, and low-light conditions makes ZZ plants ideal additions to the office. For best results, place your ZZ plant in indirect sunlight and water about every two weeks or when the top two inches of potting mix is dry.  

You will find the immortal ZZs here.


Lisa Canes

When you look at offices with plants, 9/10 times you see the Lisa Canes in there, and it’s no wonder that Dracaena Lisa is a top-selling office plant- the combination of long, dark green leaves and tall, tree-like stalks makes the Lisa cane a regal presence with a tropical flare. 

Because Lisa canes are shade tolerant, you can place them in an empty corner to turn an eyesore into a small, tropical sanctuary. Despite its moderate size and impactful impression, you only need to water your Lisa cane every couple of weeks to keep it happy.

We have Lisa canes that potted in a beautiful ceramic pot and delivered tomorrow, click here

Wait so, all these plants only need to be watered every 2 weeks-ish?

Yes, and that sounds easy right? WRONG! 

Well not that it's not easy, it's just people are so afraid of doing something wrong that'll kill the plants.

Listen, for all large-sized and Extra-Large sized (10" pot), stick your finger into the first two inches of the soil, if it is dry, then you give it a THOROUGH watering. By thorough I mean imagine keeping it under an open water source for a good solid 5 minutes with stops in between to allow water to get soaked into the soil. 

Now, if the soil IS NOT dry, DO NOT WATER THE PLANT. When in doubt, wait it out.

If you need more advice on caring for your plants, book a free plant care consultation with us here

Which one of the five are your favorites, let us know in the comments below!

And don't forget, next day shipping to the carrier cut off is at 7PM est!

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