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How Do We Secure A Plant This Big ?

We all know that shipping plants is a risky business, plants often arrives damaged. And we anticipate that shipping will be a big concern for our big plant buyers, so we're here to address it!

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The Art Of Shipping Live Plants

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Tabs to hold the pot down

There are pop out tabs that extend inside the box to hold the plant down. Traditionally there would be a few pieces of cardboards to make this happen but our method is the most effective material-wise and results.

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Extra protection for the plant

Our box has interior flaps that extends inwards when our box is fully activated. This piece significantly increases the box durability and the ability to withstand rough shipping conditions. All of this means that your plant will be extra protected during shipment

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Easy unloading

Our box comes with an upper body and lower body that closes and opens independently so that you can easily take the plant inside and out. (Imagine taking out a 7ft plant from a standard box? Ugh)

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