How To Level Up Your Interior Layout With Houseplants

How To Level Up Your Interior Layout With Houseplants
Ever go for a scroll through instagram and envy the interior design of others peoples houses that accentuates their plants? Do you want the indoor jungle of your dreams? Heres a quick guide of how to draw attention to your plants to define your space and give you that insta-worthy home!

1. It depends on the size of your room.

If you have a smaller room, you want to have as much space as possible for yourself and your things, and have the plants be the defining features of the room. You don't want to stuff a bunch of big plants in the room, because it will feel crammed and make the room feel even smaller. A good idea for small rooms is to add wall accents/wall features, shelving and hooks to hang your plants on. This way they aren't taking up floor room where you can be hanging out! It may also feel as though you are beneath the forest canopy if you have enough hanging plants in the room! I, personally, love the look of Nanouks with their magical purple leaves and trailing feature, if you want, check em out here!
If you have a bigger room, this is where the big statement plants come into play. Huge centerpiece plants are perfect for rooms such as foyers, living rooms, big hallways and even kitchens, if yours is big enough. Here's an idea for some HUGE statement plants that will 'wow' you and be the conversation starter you needed for parties!
And good news is we carry these plants in stock!

2. Group similar plants in empty corners. 

Do you have an empty corner that you don't know what to do with? Don't want to put one lone soldier in the corner? Spruce it up and create your own little ecosystem with plants who share similar characteristics, mostly light and humidity requirements. This makes the plants happier by increasing the humidity around them, since their closer, and also makes it easier on you when you have to care for your plants. Watering will become easier, faster and less confusing since you now grouped all the ones who need to be watered at the same time. Your plants will appreciate their new buddies and your corner may not look as awkward now that theres multiple plants! (Pro tip: group plants in odd numbers, even groups tend to look awkward)




3. Arrange plants of different heights to create depth and mystery to your home. 

When picking where to put your plants think about what you want the overall feeling of your home to be. If you put group all small plants together, medium plants together and big plants together your home will have a more rigid, uniform, modern feel to it. However, if you place the plants of different heights near each other, and stagger them, it will create an air of wonder and mystery, guiding you throughout the home. Here are some examples to get you inspired!




4. Hang plants around windows to create borders. 

Have big picture windows that take up a lot of space on your walls? Create borders to make them more intriguing and create more privacy in your home. Hanging plants from the ceiling and/or placing them on your window sills is a great start, but there are so many ways to get creative with it! Put your thinking cap on and come up with something creative that will make your house unique! Here are some examples to get you started on brainstorming! And Pafe has some amazing hanging plants you can check out!



5. Use trailing plants as wall accents. 

This is one of my favorite ways to design with houseplants indoors, as well as one of those ideas that would work GREAT for a smaller room. The best part about working with trailing plants is all of the control you have. You get to decide how it trails! You can make shapes with the vines or you can just make it natural looking, like its trailing up the walls on its own! Heres how to do it:

Simply just take one of your trailing plants, separate the individual vines (make sure not to break them) and either tape them onto the wall with scotch tape, or you can hang hooks on the wall and lay the vines on top. The hooks will look more professional and nicer than the scotch tape, but scotch tape will do the trick. Another idea is to wrap it around a structure on the wall and it will naturally climb the rest of its way around the structure without you having to intervene. Alright, enough explaining, here are some peoples creations to use as your inspiration:


The plants you see in the picture are similar, they are different types of pothos. Pothos are known to be very easy to care for, and they climb whatever you introduce it, and they grow. like. crazy! We carry all types of pothos, you can view them here!


Well, thats all the design tips we got for you today! If you are interested in trying out one of these ideas, but don't have the plants for it, don't fret! We have a wide variety of plants in stock if you want to go check them out

Finally, if you want to read more about designing with plants, subscribe for more content! If you have any ideas that you feel we missed, feel free to comment them below! 

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