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I see You're Coming For a Peak 🫣

Our 6-9ft tall plants are nearly ready to meet you! Sign up for the waitlist, and get free shipping (that's at least a $100 discount), and enjoy the peek below

Huge Yucca Cane


Keep in indirect bright light


7-9ft tall


Thicc with 2 "c"s

Huge Adonidia Palm


Bathe in full sun, water every 3-4 weeks


7-9ft tall


Tropical Flavor

Huge Fiddle Leaf Fig


Bathe in full sun, water every 3-4 weeks.


7-9ft tall


Thick & Boisterous

Huge Bird Of Paradise


Bathe in full sun, water every 3-4 weeks


7-9ft tall

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Experience nature's lushness

Our "BIG" Promises ;)

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Pick The Exact BIG Plant

Not just the species of the plant - the actual plant itself. Through our pick-your-own live inventory system, you can see real-life pictures of our Big Plants before you adopt a 6-9ft buddy. You can view it from multiple angles to check its health, admire its beauty, and even scope out its size as it poses by a yardstick.


Shipped Safe & Secure

 Your plant will be shipped to you in our proprietary secure shipping box that we spent 6 months developing & testing. This method ensures your plant will arrive in excellent condition, come rain or shine or - worst of all - rough handling during shipment.

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From Our Greenhouse to You

We understand the importance of quality when making an investment like this. We keep all our plants in our very own greenhouse, so we’re the ones tending them directly, right up until they’re shipped out to you. Your plant ships from our greenhouse to your green thumb (or not so green—Big Plants don’t judge). That's as fresh as it can get.

Want In? Join The Waitlist!

We’re just putting the finishing touches on our 6-9ft tall plant collection. Sign up to be the first to know when they’re available! You’ll even get free shipping (and that’s a big discount when you’re buying a Big Plant).