The 5 Best Plants For Bathrooms

Is your bathroom dull? Not much decoration and you don’t even know where to start with interior design…..don’t worry! House plants are the way to go! Though they need some care, they will easily spruce up your bathroom, while also cleaning your air! 
good bathroom plants, shower plants
Before we get to the best plants to choose, here are some guidelines to go off of. 
Firstly, when shopping for any plant you want to ask yourself the following questions; Will I be able to keep up with the care required by this plant? What kind of lighting does my bathroom have? And finally, How much space do I have to take up? Remember the plants will grow, so if you want to keep a specific plant in the same spot, think of how tall it will get once mature, this will guarantee your plant doesn’t outgrow its spot! And depending on the plant, you can cut it back, take the cuttings and propagate yourself a new plant! 
Secondly, people tend to not know where to put their plants in the bathroom so here are some bathroom plant decor ideas to give you an indoor oasis spa feel:
In the shower ;)
Hanging above the shower
On top of the toilet
Hanging from a skylight (if you have one, this looks really cool)
Hanging off the wall
Surrounding your mirror
Trailing down a towel rack
Now, some people think that putting plants in the shower is gross because of the dirt, but having them in the shower can improve bathroom air quality, absorb excess moisture, eliminate bacteria, and like I said before, give you an indoor spa oasis feel, calming you after a long days work!
Now, here are some of the BEST plants for the bathroom due to their love of humidity and moisture:


bromeliad for bathroom
Being that it's from a tropical environment, the bromeliad thrives in high humidity, warm temperatures (with some cold-hardy types), medium to indirect bright light and will grow up to 2 - 3 ft. tall indoors. It is one of the more low maintenance indoor plants and is sure to bring a POP of color with its central, big flower! Also a plus, it is one of the best air cleaning plants!


ferns for bathroom

Being that ferns are native to damp, shaded forests in tropical and temperate zones, they thrive in low to indirect bright light, warm temperatures, high humidity, consistently moist soil and will grow up to a foot tall indoors depending on the species. Ferns are definitely not low maintenance plants, but are definitely easier to care for when in a bathroom! There are so many types of ferns that would love to call the bathroom their home!


calatheas for bathroom
 Plants in this family thrive in tropical temperaments, with most being found in rainforests of North and South America. It loves moist and warm environments with shaded light that mimics the canopy-shaded light found in the rainforest, making them some of the best low light bathroom plants! Like ferns, while calathea care is not the easiest, it is much easier when they call the bathroom home!


snake plants for bathroom
If you're looking for a plant for your bathroom to kind of forget about - this is the one. The snake plant is one of the most low maintenance plants, thriving in most conditions, but besides the fact that it’s hard to kill, the snake also can purify indoor air! Most grow two feet tall and half a foot wide, but each Snake Plant varies slightly. 


bathroom hanging plants
What about bathroom hanging plants? Well, pothos is the PERFECT option if you want a trailing beauty as one of your shower plants!  Pothos plants are resilient and hard to kill. They won’t be too dramatic if you forget to water them and usually bounce back to optimum health pretty quickly. These plants almost seem to thrive on neglect. On top of all that, they live a long time. Just like the bromeliad and the snake plant, the pothos plants are some of the best air purifying plants out there!
By now you should have an idea of what plants you may like in your own bathroom! To check out all the varieties of each plant, click on the pictures and it will take you to our selection of that type of plant! 
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