How To Care For A Mass Cane

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Native to the African tropics, the Mass Cane is a variegated variety in the dracaena genus. Also known as the corn plant, the Mass Cane is a very common, low maintenance plant that surely brings a tropical vibe to any space it's put in! But how do you care for it?? Don’t stress because mass cane plant care is EASY! 
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Mass Cane Light Requirements 

Being a variegated plant, the mass cane thrives in lots of sunlight, preferably medium to indirect sunlight. It will tolerate some lower light situations, but it will not grow as vigorously. 
Make sure not to place the plant in direct sunlight as this can scorch the leaves! If the leaves start to curl in, or face inside away from the window, it is trying to protect itself from getting sunburnt, so it’s best to move it further away from the window!

Watering Requirements 

Being a dracaena variety, this plant doesn’t need lots of water. This makes it one of the easiest plants to take care of, great for beginners! Let the top layer of soil (~2 inches) dry between waterings! Check the soil consistently and water only when needed! The more sun its in, the more water it will need! Here is a quick watering guide to go by: 

Temperature/Humidity Requirements 

Being a tropical plant, the mass cane prefers high humidity and warm temperatures between 60-75°F. To increase the humidity around your plant you can use a pebble tray underneath, group a bunch of plants together, or purchase a humidifier!

Recommended Fertilizer 

A fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 5-10-5 is recommended to keep the plant thriving! Fertilize only once a year though because this plant is sensitive to fluoride and boron levels. If they get too high it will lead to fertilizer burn, harming the plant. Remember to dilute the fertilizer to the recommended strength for this plant before using it!!

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