How To Not Kill Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, aka Ficus Lyrata, are one of the most popular houseplants of 2022 due to their striking silhouette and beautiful ribbed leaves! Though they are extremely popular, people forget that they actually aren’t the easiest plants to care for, especially if you don’t have the ideal environment for them to thrive in. This is why people go from having a beautifully full ficus to just a stem in a few weeks, and how this iconic meme came about:
Here’s some fiddle leaf fig care tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!
Fiddle Leaf Fig Light Requirements 
The fiddle leaf fig loves sunlight! They prefer to be in indirect bright light to direct bright light. If there is not enough light, they will drop their leaves and if they are getting too much light their leaves will start to scorch, leaving dustry brown spots on your leaves! The best bet for your fiddle is near an unobstructed western, eastern or southern facing window!
Fiddle Leaf Fig Watering Requirements 
In the natural habitat of the fiddle leaf fig, they will receive a huge amount of water, followed by a short dry spell, meaning that the soil stays slightly moist. This is the type of environment that you will want to mimic in your home!
The best way to do this would be to water about once a week when the first 2 inches of soil dries out, but remember to consistently check the soil of the plant (with your finger or a moisture meter) and only to water when needed. Here is a quick watering guide to go by: 
Temperature/Humidity Requirements 
Fiddle leaf figs prefer air’s humidity to be 30 - 65%,meaning that it prefers medium to high humidity. To raise your humidity you can put a pebble tray underneath the plant, group more plants together, or purchase a humidifier! They also prefer warm temperatures in the range 60 - 80°F!
Recommended Fertilizer 
While it's actively growing in spring and summer, these ficus trees will appreciate a dose of half-strength 3-1-2 NPK ratio fertilizer when they get watered. Only fertilize every 2 to 4 weeks to avoid fertilizer burn of your fiddle plant! 
Recommended Soil
Where so many people go wrong with fiddle leaf figs is their soil. They are pretty picky when it comes to soil, so you want to be sure that your soil provides moisture retention, good aeration, optimal gaseous exchange, and nutrient storage. Fiddle leaf fig soil should be well-draining, high in organic matter and have a ph between 5.5 - 7.0 for the plant to thrive! The best soil for fiddle leaf fig contains a potting mix of 1 part perlite, 1 part peat moss/coco coir, and 2 parts organic soil. 
Note: This plant is TOXIC to pets and yourself if ingested, so be sure to keep away from your furry friends and kids!
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