When Does The Peace Lily Flower?

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There are few things that the Peace Lily, aka Spathiphyllum is known for: their dramatics, being one of the easiest plants to take care of, and of course their striking white…..flower? Is that a flower? 
spathe and spadix
Though many people call it the peace lily flower, it is not actually a flower. It is something called the spathe and spadix. Believe it or not, the little flowers will come out of the spadix! This odd nature makes them very unique indoor plants!
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With the right care, this flowering houseplant will usually bloom sporadically in the range from january - august! This means that you can have a few flowers bloom throughout the summer so it has one at all times, until they die off of course. 


Usually when you buy a peace lily from a nursery, it is treated with something called gibberellic acid (a natural plant hormone). This hormone will stimulate it to flower, but younger peace lilies will take a little longer to finally push out their blooms! 
Some other reasons for a stunted peace lily are too little sun, not enough water and drastic temperatures! Because of this, you want to make sure the peace lily is getting enough sunlight (they do tolerate lower light situations, but will not bloom as often), optimally medium to bright indirect sunlight, but not direct sunlight!! Also be sure the peace lily is being watered THOROUGHLY, about once a week, but frequency is dependent upon your pot size. Lastly, peace lilies need the temperature to be anywhere between 65 to 86°F to thrive, so be sure to not crank your ac or place them near a draft!
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Ways to encourage peace lily blooms are:

Give good light (medium to bright indirect light) but keep at around 30% shade 
 Keep soil evenly moist 
Keep room around 68°F 
Prune old flowers to the base of the stalk 

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