Houseplants 101

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online mass cane, how to care for mass canes

How To Care For A Mass Cane

Native to the African tropics, the Mass Cane is a variegated variety in the dracaena genus. Also known as the corn plant, the Mass Cane is a very common, low maintenance plant that surely brings a ...

pothos propagation, propagate

How To Propagate Pothos Plants In 4 Easy Steps

Pothos Propagation 101 Due to being one of the easiest going houseplants when it comes to watering and lighting requirements, pothos are one of the most popular houseplants. With many different pot...

bird of paradise, bird of paradise indoor

Why Does My Bird Of Paradise Have Slits In The Leaves?

So you get your new bird of paradise and….WHATS with these tears all over the leaves??? I’m getting my money back!! We consistently get these emails about the bird of paradise leaves having tears ...

spider plant, spiderettes, how to encourage spiderettes

How To Encourage Spiderettes/Plant Babies On Spider Plants

You would think that spider plants get their name from the various stems and little clones at the ends, and most people do, but actually no, thats not the case. It has nothing to do with those wei...

indoor areca palm, how to care for areca palm

How To Care: Indoor Areca Palm

ARECA PALMS Ahh we love areca palms here, they’re just SO FLUFFY      Scientifically known as the Dypsis lutescens, the Areca Palm also goes by a few other names;  including the butterfly cane...

tiny white bugs on plants, aphids on plants, bugs on plants

Indoor Pest Control: What Is An Aphid? How To Prevent And Eliminate Them

OH NO…… IS THAT AN APHID?? BUT WHAT DO APHIDS LOOK LIKE? Aphids, aka Plant Lice, Blackflies or Greenflies, are actually kind of cute for a plant-slaughtering bug. They have a pear-like appeara...