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A Helpful Plant Store in New York City

Here at our plant store in New York City, we offer a wide assortment of top-quality potted plants. You may be looking for some apartment-ready smaller plants, like a small aloe hedgehog or a jade plant. On the other hand, your living space could be better suited for a medium or large plant, like a large Ficus Lyrata or a Monstera Deliciosa. Whatever it is that you need, our fantastic Lower Manhattan plant store has you covered.

Depending on your living space, you could opt for low light plants or indirect or direct sunlight plants. If you’re not sure which plant is the best for your home or office based on its light condition, get in contact with Dahing Plants today. Not only will we help you find just the right plant. Additionally, we can offer a free re-potting, deliver the plant to you, and help you maintain your vegetation.