Plant Delivery in New York City

About Delivery:

Isn't it exciting knowing that you are going to have new plants? We're totally on the same page because we are excited to give you the best plant buying experience and the best plants ever! There are two methods of delivery—local deliveries and out-of-state deliveries. If you have any questions about plant delivery in New York City, reach out to us.

Local deliveries will be available for deliveries within the five boroughs of New York City with some exceptions. When delivering locally, you get more control over when and how the package will be delivered, since we can be easily reached.

Out-of-state deliveries will be your only option for deliveries going outside the five boroughs. UPS, FedEx, USPS, and other delivery companies handle our out-of-state deliveries.

Delivery Timeline (for local deliveries only)


With many orders going out every day, we cannot guarantee a delivery time. However, the delivery driver will text you when he's on his way to you.

Inclement Weather

We want your plants to be in the best shape upon arrival and thereafter. Therefore, we will automatically reschedule the delivery date if the weather of your original delivery date is unsuitable for plant deliveries. But we will let you know if this does happen.