Our Re-potting Method


This is our solution to prevent over-watering. Over-watering is still the #1 cause of plant deaths we encounter. When someone brings a plant back to our shop and asks, "Why did my plant die?" we often pull the plant out of the planter to find soaking wet soil at the bottom. To prevent this from happening, we use what we call the "empty-bottom method" which is similar to other drainage improvement methods. It is a terrific re-potting method.

If you're wondering how to repot a plant, we can help. The "empty-bottom method" is often used by us to re-pot larger plants going in larger planters. What we do is we turn an extra empty planter up-side down towards the original drainage hole and then re-pot the plant. 

We do this for several reasons:

1. The empty planter(s) will take up space at the bottom portion of the current planter so that there isn't too much wet soil sitting at the bottom.

2. The empty planter(s) will prevent clogging at the bottom of the planter, this will help improve drainage.

3. This will help improve soil aeration.

Please see the illustration explanation below:

-an illustration will be put up soon.