Top 5 Easy Care Plants That Even You Can Keep Alive

When Life Gets Hard, Your Plant Care Doesn't Have To

We know that life can get hard. That's why we wanted to help make it a little bit least when it comes to your plants. Whether you're a beginner plant parent or looking to grow your collection, owning a plant should be an easy and rewarding experience. Easy-care plants come in different shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: They're really hard to kill. We've curated a list of our Top 5 easy-care plants that even you can't kill. Go ahead, try it. We dare you. From bushy desktop plants to long and tall jagged floor plants for a corner, we've got you covered. Pafe Plants has something easy to match whatever your day-to-day brings.

1. The Indestructible Snake Plant

When discussing indestructible plants, don't forget to mention the Snake Plant. Commonly known as the "mother-in-law's tongue" plant, Snake plants are pretty slow growing and extremely tolerant of a variety of conditions. Thanks to it's low maintenance care requirements, this plant has become a staple for plant parents eveywhere. The Snake plant is a unique, drought-tolerant, and resilient succulent that can withstand pretty much anything you throw at it. From low light, to dry air, to drought, these guys really don't mind. The long striking leaves make for a great filler for an empty corner of your apartment! If you're not convinced on the durability of this plant yet, there was even an instance during the lockdown where one of these babies survived for two years alone in an office. Need we say more? Even the pandemic couldn't take down the Snake. Odds are you won't be able to either.

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2. The Hardy ZZ

For those notorious plant killers looking to add a bushier and more leafy addition to their collection, the ZZ plant is an excellent choice. Native to Eastern Africa, the jagged ZZ plant is the ultimate indoor plant that can withstand a whole bunch of conditions like low light, drought, dry air, and really low humidity. It's green waxy leaves grow in a symmetrical pattern along the main stems and create new growth that is a striking bright green. If you're looking for a plant with good looks and a go-with-the-flow kind of personality, you've officially found the one. This plant is a great introductory houseplant for those looking to grow their green thumb or decorate their home or office with some added greenery. 

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3. Pothos Please

Whether you're looking for a hanging plant or for something to place in a dark room or corner, the Pothos makes for an easy choice. The long and vining growth and heart-shaped leaves are very forgiving. This climbing, enchanting beauty is versatile and works in just about any spot. Pothos are perfect for brightening up all areas of the home like your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. It can even go in a sunny bathroom! Pothos are great for forgetful waterers and for those without a lot of sunny areas in their space. The Pothos is actually naturally grown in deep-shade in its native sub-tropical forests of Asia and Australia, so that should give you and idea of how well they can tolerante low light. One thing you'll want to avoid with the Pothos is overwatering. They prefer to dry out before their next watering, so make sure to water this plant only when the soil becomes bone dry. Other than that, it's straight forward and doesn't mind a little neglect.

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4. Ea$y Money

What's better than a plant that's low maintenance? A plant that's low maintenance with the word "money" in its name! This plant might not grow $100 bills, but it is 100% easy-care. And isn't that what really matters? The Money Tree features deep green, star-like leaves and a full, strong, tree-shaped bottom that will bring the outdoors inside to you. The Money Tree is also said to bring good luck, which it seems you're already off to a good start by crossing paths with this easy care plant. For those looking for a desktop plant or a floor plant to put in the corner, the money tree stump offers whatever you may need while remaining one of the easiest houseplants to care for, and the braided money tree is a fantastic space filler. They're perfect for new plant parents or people who have low levels of light in their home. Not only is it low light tolerant, it's drought tolerant too!

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5. Lisa Cane

Last but not least, we have the Lisa Cane. This easy-care plant sports long and floppy green leaves and a strong green stalk. The slender silhoutette opens up any floor space. It's perfect for anyone looking to bring a tropical feel to their home, without having to deal with the mess of your own indoor beach. That would be pretty cool though, right? Plant parents love the Lisa Cane because it's a floor plant that's tall, but narrow enough to fit in a corner! Plus it's easy care, low light tolerant, and only needs to be watered once every 2-3 weeks! It's perfect for anyone looking for an easy care floor plant that doesn't take up too much space.

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