Full Size Schefflera Amate
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Full Size Schefflera Amate

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The Schefflera 'amate' is a popular selection amongst plant buyers because of it's dense tree-like structure, thick shiny leaves and it's resiliency to a certain amount of torture. It will surely make its way to be one of your favorites too!

While having a tree-like arrangement, the Amate is also somewhat tolerant of lower light conditions, making it an excellent choice for corners... or just about any other spot!

It doesn't end there, not only is it low-light tolerant, but it is also quite drought tolerant as well! So if you're regularly away or you're just shopping for a plant that you can neglect, this is the one!

Care Info

Keep in bright, indirect light. This plant tolerates lower light conditions.


Water this plant about once every two to three weeks, when the first three inches of the soil is dry, learn more. This plant benefits from humid environments.

Additional Info

Average size is about 5-6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, learn about plant on arrival.

Comes in a 12"-14" diameter nursery pot.


Gives excellent growth results with balanced ratio fertilizers. Our plant will arrive fertilized.

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