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Is this "Rubber" the actual "rubber"? Well, kind of. Not at an industrial level, but the Rubber tree got its name because it's sometimes used to make rubber- how cool is that!! Rubber trees are one of the most popular houseplants due to their surprisingly easy care characteristics and their burgundy leaves! I love how the red vines go through the foliage. This plant is perfect for anyone looking for an unusual plant that's also easy to care for.

Although the Rubber trees are not the fastest growers, they will grow to about 6-10ft indoors! And if you want your Rubber trees to branch more, you can use a neat little trick by cutting off part of a stem to force the plant to branch more!

The Rubber trees prefer a spot that's naturally well lit, and can withstand some direct light but not too much. They are also known to tolerate lower lighting conditions, however if you were to keep the plant in lower lighting conditions, you'll need to be prepared for leggier plant growth and duller leaves!

Another good thing about the Rubber tree is that it tolerates drought! So don't worry about watering the plant too often. You should water the plant when the first two inches of the soil is very dry, so that's around once every 2-3 weeks!

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