Extra Large Ruby Rubber Tree Std


Extra Large Ruby Rubber Tree Std

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Commonly known as 'Pretty in Pink', this popular, easy-to-grow, fast-growing plant is native to India and Malaysia. With its striking, bold, deep green and pink variegation, it brightens up your space and brings the outdoors in!   It actually gets its name because the sap it produces is used to make latex!

Being that it's from a tropical rainforest, it thrives in moderate humidity, warm temperatures, moist soil, indirect bright light and will grow up to 6 - 10 ft. tall indoors. This makes them great to place on a desktop, bookcase, cubby or small nook in your home that is well-lit, but doesn't get direct light. Over time this plant may drop some of its lower leaves, but don’t be alarmed, this is just a natural occurrence in the plant's life cycle and will help encourage new growth/bigger leaves!


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