Full Size Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush
Full Size Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush - 3D Pafe Plants
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Full Size Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush houseplants don’t differ much from the regular Fiddle Leaf Fig, except for how their leaves and stems grow and shape out. The bush Figs have thick, leather-like leaves that sprout from the bottom of the stems all the way up to the top, giving it a full, dense look, much like a narrow bush. The regular Fiddle Leaf has leaves that start sprouting higher up on the stem, making it look more like a tree. Intrigued and want to see what the plant will look like at your home already? Pafe Plants has some new technology that can help you with that. Check out how your new Fig will look in your room before you even get it through the door. How? We’ve got a new AR feature that pairs up with your smartphone to produce an image of the Fig in your room. Cool huh?

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush Benefits

It’s fantastic at detoxifying the air around it. To make things better, the larger your fig, the better it gets at doing that in the first place. They suck up toxins and give out pure oxygen, helping to reduce stagnant air while boosting productivity. Get this Fig in your office right away. Want to expedite the process and really get those purified airs flowing? Collect all of our Fig variations. Pafe Plants has the regular Fiddle Leaf (non-bush version), the Fiddle Leaf Fig pole, and the Braided Fig

Lettuce Greens

Our customers from NYC, NJ, and beyond love the Fiddle Leaf bush’s thick, shiny leaves. They are wide, long, and have veins that give them the appearance of lettuce, but don’t eat it. The foliage also fans out upwards towards the sun, kind of like leafy hands would do...if they existed.

Big Family

The Fig or Ficus is a genus of plants that houses over 800 species that thrive in tropical regions all over the world. That’s a pretty big family. Usually these plants grow quickly and can get kind of invasive when under the right circumstances, so make sure to prune and trim them accordingly. Reach out to us over here at Pafe Plants if you want tips on how to trim up your Fig.

Vivid Hues

Customers are raving about the bright colors that come with Fiddle Leaf Figs. Once the plant grows into a large size, the leaves are full of vivid, lime greens with dashes of sage in the veins. When sunlight stikes the plant, you can see hints of minty hues.

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