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(Click "Add To Cart" to pick the exact plant from our live inventory)

The Ming Aralia is a beautiful evergreen shrub that looks like it belongs in only the fanciest of lobbies! It has thin, feathery foliage that creates an almost fuzzy-like texture. It is also popularly known as the "Parsley Aralia" because it resembles bunches of parsley! Despite the fancy appearance, this plant is pretty easy to care for.

They prefer a moist soil mix, so water when the first 2-3" of soil feels dry, and stop only when you see the excess liquid draining from the bottom of the planter. Place this Aralia in a space with bright, indirect light. They can adapt to shade, but their foliage won't be as impressive. Since these are tropical plants, keeping them near a kitchen or in a bathroom with a window is a fantastic option.


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