Full Size Yucca Cane


Full Size Yucca Cane

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The Yucca Cane is native to the deserts of the southwestern US and Mexico. With its spiky, sword-shaped leaves and their characteristic leathery texture, this plant is sure to bring the desert/tropical vibes to your space! Please note that the Yucca is not pet-friendly, so keep away from curious pets who like to munch on leaves! 



Yuccas love a nice, bright room! They do best in indirect, bright light - near a window that's covered with a translucent curtain. Avoid leaving the plant in direct sunlight for too long or else the leave will burn and the colors will fade. 


The Yucca is naturally from a desert, so it thrives in low to normal humidity and drier soil. They are moderately drought resistant so they don't mind a drier period: the underground rhizomes of the Yucca holds water, so you really only need to water when the top inch or two of soil is dry. To avoid overwatering, make sure the roots are not sitting in water and the plant is in a well draining soil and pot. 


Depending on the conditions and the environment, Yuccas can grow from 5 inches to 2 feet per year!


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