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Large Alocasia 'Odora'

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Our large size Alocasia Odora is a force to be reckoned with. Also known as the Night Scented Lily, it’s a perennial that stands proud and tall, with huge, stunning leaves that look like they’re about to fly away. Remember Dumbo, the adorable Disney elephant who could fly? The round, glossy leaves of the Alocasia Odora kinda look like that, large elephant ears with thick veins that are in flight. Check out the Odora through our augmented reality (AR) feature. It pairs up with your smartphone to show you what the houseplant will look like in any room. We also offer local 2-day delivery to areas in NY and NJ, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home if you don’t want to.

Large Alocasia Odora Benefits

Alocasia plants are great at detoxifying the air around them. This really helps boost productivity and reduce stagnancy in the rooms they’re in. Adding to that, the houseplant’s large, blade-shaped leaves can help mimic crowded forest canopies that block direct sunlight for other plants that may get burned otherwise.

Many Uses

Don’t try this at home, but some communities once utilized Alocasia leaves for medicinal purposes. Parts of the plant were once used to help treat issues and pain in the stomach and abdominal regions. Other parts of the world cook and eat parts of the plant called corms, which look like bulbs that grow on the bottom of the stems of Alocasia that grow in nature. But if not cooked correctly, the plant can be toxic if consumed. So make sure your Alocasia Odora is just used for its ridiculously good looks.


Can’t get enough of the Alocasia and their regal leaves? We’re proud to say, there’s more! Other variants we have under our sleeve include the Alocasia Polly and Regal Shield, with similar shapes to the Alocasia Odora, but smaller with different colors. Besides the ones we have in our shop, there are approximately 97 different species of Alocasia plants. Which one is your favorite?

Big Ol’ Stems

The Alocasia plants have long, thick stems that start off narrow at the top and progressively get thicker as you look lower. The stems point upwards but sometimes slope off to the sides, making the Odora look like a lush, tropical fan. 

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