Large Benjamin Ficus
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Also known as the weeping fig, the large Benjamin Ficus is lovely enough to bring tears to your eyes. Its adorable glossy, tear-shaped leaves explode from the top of its smooth gray trunk. Your guests will love the aesthetic your Benjamin Ficus brings to your interior design. Reaching up to 6 feet in height, the Benjamin Ficus is an excellent floor plant if you’re looking to turn your living or office space into an urban jungle. Use our AR feature to preview what the large Benjamin Ficus will look like in your home. Pick the EXACT Benjamin Ficus you want by selecting the Pafe Live photo that speaks to you most. We’ll deliver your brand new Benjamin Ficus nationwide in our green-friendly, ultra-durable packaging. 

Benjamin Ficus Benefits

Plant parents everywhere adore the Benjamin Ficus for three reasons: it’s a gorgeous floor plant, it tolerates even the poorest indoor growing conditions (including shade and drought), and it’s a proven air purifier. Wondering if the Benjamin Fig will fit in your space? Use our AR feature to get an accurate preview!  

It’s All About the Ficus Benjamins

If you ever see a Benjamin Ficus in the wild, you’ll find yourself looking at glistening, egg-shaped foliage gracefully flowing down… from about 98 feet up. Yup — that’s how tall the Australia and Asia-native Benjamin fig can get in the wild. You can expect your indoor Benjamin Ficus to grow up to around 6 feet (so need to cut a hole in your ceiling just yet). 

There’s Nothing Like Some Benjamin-Purified Air 

Like most large houseplants, the Benjamin Ficus is a natural air purifier. Thanks to its large root system and abundant foliage, the Weeping Fig is a pro at removing harmful toxins like formaldehyde and xylene from the air around it. Want to boost the air purification effect? Keep your Benjamin Ficus in the company of other floor plants! The more plants in your space, the better the air purification!  

Don’t Let Your Benjamin Fig Get Too Cold 

Live in a state that gets pretty frigid during the winter? We’re happy to ship a Benjamin Ficus to your home (wherever it is in the U.S.), but keep this in mind during those chilly months: the Benjamin Fig is sensitive to the cold. Place your Benjamin away from windows and close to warmth to keep it healthy all year long!

 Care Info & Shipping: 
  • Free next day shipping all over USA with protective and eco-friendly boxes
  • Keep in medium to indirect bright light
  • Use 3-1-2 fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 2 weeks
Large Benjamin Ficus
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