Large Calathea 'Beauty Star'


Large Calathea 'Beauty Star'

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A South American native perennial, the Calathea Beauty Star can be identified by their long, narrow dark green leaves striped with paler green, silver, and white hues and the deep plum purple undersides. Like other Calatheas, the Beauty Star will fold up its leaves at night, and then "bloom" open to greet the sunshine, giving it the nickname “prayer plant.”

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In nature, Calatheas live under the canopy of the large rainforest trees and can only get some indirect light. These plants can be finicky, so you might experiment with different spots until you can make your Calathea happy. The Beauty star is happier with less light than too much, so if you see brown spots or crispy edges to the leaves, move it to a place with less light.


These plants like moist soil, so water when you feel that the top inch or so of the soil is dry. They love humidity, so if you do not have a humidifier, you can put pebbles in a tray and place the pot on top. Any excess water in the soil will drain into the tray and keep the roots humid without adding too much moisture to the soil.


The only pruning you'll need to worry about is to clean any the rotting or damaged leaves. Cut bad leaves at the stem and you'll soon see the new growth.



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