Large Dieffenbachia 'Sterling'

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With rich, green leaves that have a stark white stem running through, the Dieffenbachia Sterling is often confused for the similar-looking White Stem Aglaonema. The main difference between the two plants is that Dieffenbachia plants have larger leaves and will eventually wind up growing into a slightly larger plant. Nicknamed ‘Dumb Cane’, ingesting any part of the plants in the Dieffenbachia family will cause a numbing effect on the mouth and throat. You’ll also feel a burning sensation in your hands if you handle the plant too roughly, so definitely use gloves when pruning or moving them.

These plants originate from lush forests in Mexico, the West Indies, and Argentina and are by far one of the most common indoor selections. The large Dieffenbachia Sterling comes in a 10” pot and can reach a little over a foot tall and a little less than a foot wide. The solid green and white foliage give off a calm yet charming aura, giving busy environments like a living room or a conference room a nice, calming energy.

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