Extra Large Money Tree

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Scientifically known as the Pachira aquatica, the Money Tree is a wetland plant native to Central and South America. Although this swamp-loving plant can reach 60 feet in the wild, you can expect your indoor Large Money Tree to grow between a much more manageable 3 to 6 feet tall. With trunks that seem to swirl together, blooming into a canopy of fern green foliage, our Money Trees will make a visually striking addition to your biophilic design. Ready to pick out the right Money Tree for you? Browse through our Pafe Live photos to pick the exact Money Tree you’d like out of our current inventory. We’ll deliver your Money Tree to you in our sustainable, super secure packaging system no matter where you live in the U.S.

Large Money Tree Benefits

The Money Tree is believed to attract good fortune and — you guessed it — money! Some say it can even promote healthier sleep, reduce stress, and decrease conflict in the home. We can’t confirm the science behind those beliefs, but research does suggest that the Money Tree is an effective air purifier. Place this adorable plant beside your bed at night, and take a deep breath. You just might sleep better and feel at ease, and you’ll definitely be breathing in cleaner air!

Dancing in the Rain 

The Money Tree plant you get from our online plant shop is actually made up of multiple Pachira Aquaticas, tenderly hand woven together as each grew to maturity. Thanks to the Money Tree’s umbrella-like foliage, the plant’s swirling trunks appear to be dancing in the rain, adding whimsy and romance to your indoor garden.

The Money Tree is Your Pet’s Bestie

If you’re a pet parent looking for a non-toxic plant you can keep around your beloved fur babies, you’ve come to the right plant! Money Trees are non-toxic to cats and dogs. We can’t stop your pet from nibbling on your precious Money Tree, but we can promise you that it won’t kill your cat or dog. (We’ll send all the good vibes to your devoured Money Tree, though).

A Plant for the Serial Over-Waterer

Does your green thumb occasionally go black from root rot? Figuring out how much water to give your indoor plants can be tricky for lots of plant parents. Unfortunately, most houseplants can’t tolerate too much trial and error. Which is why the Money Plant is a great option for you! Money Plants kinda like damp soil (they’re native to swampland), so the occasional overenthusiastic watering session probably won’t kill it.

Now that you're an expert with the Money Tree, order this plant by 7PM est to get this plant shipped out of our greenhouse in New Jersey tomorrow (if you are wondering the arrival time, check with the zipcode validator on top of the Add To Cart). Seriously, our plant shipping solution is truly protective and innovative to ensure your plants arrive safe and intact! In case you were still wondering, we WILL send out the EXACT plant that you picked out, just like that of a local nursery or garden center, except we have more and fresher plants to choose from and you can't find our PAFE fine ceramic planter options anywhere else other than our website :)

For any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Hello@PafePlants.Com or call/text (609)-968-7063!

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