Large Schefflera 'Arboricola'
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This beauty’s also known as the Umbrella Plant because of how the leaves hang and curve. There’s no time to waste because the large Schefflera Arboricola our nationwide customers can order online for free nationwide shipping is dressed up ready to go. Pafe Plants is dressing up the large size houseplants in eco-friendly packaging that offers them the extra love and care large size deliveries need. They’re approximately 4 feet tall and 1 foot wide at this size, but this can vary by plant. Botanical name of Brassaia actinophylla, this emerald beauty is native to rainforests and tropical regions in Australia, New Guinea, and Java. Other names people have given the Schefflera are the Queensland Umbrella Tree, Octopus Tree, and Amate. Now you can see what the Arboricola plant will look like in your home before you even order it online. Use our augmented reality (AR) feature on your phone to see a sneak peek of the plant in your house. Pretty neat, eh?

Large Schefflera Arboricola Benefits

Perks that come with bringing home a new Schefflera Arboricola house plant include its resilience and purifying ability. The Schefflera are hardy houseplants that can live a long time under the right circumstances. Some can live over 30 years old! Besides that, it can do other cool plant stuff too, like cleaning the environment around it. They absorb toxins out of the air and churn out pure oxygen instead. This constant flow of air reduces stagnancy and can also boost productivity. Put this baby in your office or living room and watch it work.

Glossed Up

Perched throughout the thick, cream-colored trunk, is the Abriocola’s glossy, decorative foliage. When the sun hits it just right, the leaves appear to glisten and shine proudly. Other times it looks like the leaves were kissed by a light summer rain, since they are so shiny and reflective. From some angles, it looks like a fake plant that could be made of plastic. Gotcha!

Neon Glow

Schefflera have a vivid assortment of green hues on their leaves and stems that brighten up any room, entryway, or office. This houseplant comes packed with forest, lime, and neon splashes that almost reflect at you differently depending on the different levels of sunlight hitting it. The playful greens paired with just the right amount of light make the plant almost look like it’s glowing.

Flower Imposters

Everyone loves the Schefflera Arboricola leaves and striking foliage, and who can blame them? Besides their intriguing coloration, Schefflera leaves also look like little flowers. The leaves are shaped like petals and even curve slightly upwards as flowers might when they are drinking up sunlight. When looking at the houseplant from far, it looks like a tall bush that bloomed a bunch of bright green, plastic flowers.

 Care Info & Shipping: 
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  • Keep in medium to indirect bright light
  • Use 3-1-2 fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 2 weeks
Large Schefflera 'Arboricola'
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