Large Snake Plant (trifasciata)
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The Trifasciata Snake Plant is an electric addition to any houseplant collection. Its vibrantly colored leaves shoot straight up, highlighted by shocking yellow hues that make it look like it’s glowing. Part of the Asparagaceae family, the Snake Plant is from the tropical regions of West Africa, including Nigeria to the Congo. Other names for this stunner include the Saint George’s Sword, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, and Viper’s Bowstring Hemp. 

Snake Plant (Trifasciata) Benefits

Rid the air in your home of toxic air pollutants like carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and benzene when you add a new houseplant to the mix. They are really great at absorbing harmful gases and pumping out fresh air instead. This helps boost productivity and energy levels while reducing allergies in some people.

Neon Snake

This large size Snake Plant (Trifasciata) in our greenhouse is packed with vibrant colors that will make your guests' eyes grow wide with admiration. Pafe Plants offer free nationwide shipping options for residences all around the US. Large plants are also wrapped with care in environmentally friendly packaging. Order the Snake Plant right to your door and take in dark, sacramento, and sea greens swirled in with lime and sage highlights on the leaf edges to add an extra pop. If you got a thing for our snake plants, check out another variant we have, the Snake Plant Zeylanica beauty here too. Its leaves are long, slim and pointed, much like the Trifasciata, only the green hues on the Zeylanica are muted, with just dark greens and no neon highlights. Buy both Snake Plant variants for a well-balanced combination of colors.

Flaming Hot

When you look at the Snake Plant, you can’t help but notice it’s long, slender leaves that look like tendrils of flame stretching upwards towards the sky. The foliage grows upwards, and each leaf is a different height, further lending to the flowy, wild appearance of flames. 

Bucket of Knives

Snake Plant foliage is also striking to the eye. The jagged points of the leaves appear solid, shiny, and sharp, like a bucket of knives. What do you see when you look at the Trifasciata Snake Plant?

 Care Info & Shipping: 
  • Free next day shipping all over USA with protective and eco-friendly boxes
  • Keep in low light to indirect bright light
  • Use regular houseplant fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 2 weeks
Large Snake Plant (trifasciata)
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