Medium Aglaonema 'cutlass'

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The Aglaonema Cutlass hails from the tropic and subtropic areas of Asia and can be found right here, in our greenhouse. Some people also refer to it as the Chinese Evergreen because it’s just one member of a large species of plants that come from the same region. Customers love the plant’s long, sharp leaves, and striking design. Another cool feature is how the leaves are tall, slim, and cascade outward from their thick, hardy, woodless stems with no rhyme or reason. This lush beauty is somewhat easy to take care of because you don’t need to water it often and it can handle shade and cooler temps then other types. This medium size grows a few feet tall, but each Cutlass is unique. Shipping options from coast to coast, all over the US!

Cutlass Benefits

The Cutlass is one of the several ‘clean air plants’ that has the ability to remove toxins from the environment around it. Some of these include benzene and formaldehyde to name a few. Customers have reported the plant bringing more energy and encouraging flow in the rooms they’re placed in. It makes a great office plant because of this, and its low care needs.

Watermelon Splash

Markings on the cutlass look a lot like what you’d see on a watermelon splashed onto the leaves. The leaves are variegated, meaning the rich, sacramento green markings change with each plant, breathing new life into each one. Customers love the bright, silvery lime green hues that fill the space between the markings. Pair that with the glossy, tall, flowing leaves, and it looks like you have a watermelon splash for any room that needs a little more pop.

Greek Namesake

The genus name of the plant Aglaonema comes from the Greek words ‘aglaos’. Aglaos means bright, shiny, or clear, while ‘nema’ means long, slender. This makes a lot of sense considering the plant’s glossy, bright, slim leaves. It’s like they knew. Oh wait.

Many Different Types

The Cutlass is one of 20 different species of herbaceous perennials that come from Asia. The great thing about perennials is that they may not be in bloom some times of the year, but they’ll always send new growth your way when the time is right. The gift that keeps on giving!

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