Medium Aglaonema 'Silver Bay'

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The medium sized Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ in our greenhouse is anything but ordinary. (Nationwide shipping options available in plant-safe packaging.) Also known as a Chinese evergreen, it comes packed with vibrant colors and leaf markings that will make anyone walking by look twice. It stretches about a foot and a half tall from the floor, and its leaves reach out to approximately a foot and a half wide. First making its rounds in the plant world around 1992, the Silver Bay’s a hybrid plant that’s part of a large variety of Aglaonema plants. We also feature the Aglaonema ‘Cutlass’, another hybrid. Our customers love the rich green and bright silver hues they can find on their Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ plant, highlighted by a glossy sheen that covers all its leaves. See how the houseplant will look when you use your cellphone and our augmented reality tool.

Aglaonema ‘Silver Bay’ Benefits

Loved for their air purifying abilities, the Aglaonema are pretty good at removing toxins from the environment around them. Benzene and formaldehyde are a couple of air pollutants it absorbs, making it a great addition to any room where people spend a lot of time.


Silver Bay plant leaves look like long pickles. When looking at the leaves from underneath, their solid emerald shade leans into the pickled look even more. This makes it seem as if you have a bushel of pickles, bringing a fun, unique look into any room with a splash of the tropics.

Flowing Water

When you take a close look at the blue-silver splashes of color that appear on the Silver Bay’s leaves, they give off the appearance of water flowing down the foliage. Silvery streaks run from the top of the leaf that’s attached to the stem, down the middle to the end of the leaf. The steak’s gray jagged edges paired with their bluish hues make it look like running water.

Hardy Babies

Aglaonemas are frequently chosen plants for their resilience and hardy nature. They’re often seen in commercial or office spaces because of how little maintenance they require, and their ability to withstand time. It can live for decades when under the right circumstances. The Silver Bay tends to grow a bit faster than other Aglaonema varieties but is still a relatively slow-growing plant as far as houseplants go.

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