Medium Begonia 'White Ice'

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Named for the icy white "droplets" on the begonia's leaves, the White Ice begonia is a strikingly beautiful plant. Begonias are an easy go-to plant for indoor plant parents, perfect for containers or hanging baskets. Begonia leaves come in almost any color and pattern, and they add texture and interest to your decor. 

Begonias require a consistent watering schedule, but also don't like to be left too wet. After a thorough watering, be sure to situate potted begonias so their pots can drain excess water. Stick a finger about 2 inches into the soil to determine how moist it is. If the top is dry, but the soil is moist about an inch below the surface, wait another day or two to water. You'll only need to water about once a week in the winter, depending on your environment. Spraying the plants with water on hotter days will also help them maintain the cool conditions they like.


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