Medium Calathea Orbifolia

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The Calathea Orbifolia has beautifully shaped, round foliage with silvery-green stripes on them. This unique appearance makes it a favorite among seasoned plant parents, and adds wonderful variation to your personal collection. Its circular leaves can grow to over a foot wide (wow!)

Originating from South America, the Orbifolia enjoys medium light, high humidity and well-drained soil. Although beautiful, these plants require a moderate amount of attention to keep their gorgeous leaves happy! Because they are tropical, most homes are too dry for them. If your Orbifolia starts to get a little crunchy, try adding a humidifier to the room. Give them enough TLC and you might be surprised with a flower! 

Like many Calathea, the Orbifolia folds its' leaves up at night and unfolds them in the morning, so don't worry if you see this happen! This is a natural process called nyctinasty. They are often referred to as a prayer plant because of this process. 

Keep it Humid and Filtered

It could be helpful to purchase a humidifier when you bring home your pinstripe plant, as it’s accustomed to weather from the tropics in South America, specifically on balmy rainforest floors. To reenact the lush habitat for your Ornate, it could be helpful to put it in bright, but indirect sunlight, to imitate the tree canopies nearby that normally block layers of the bright sunlight. If the plant receives too much direct exposure to the sun, it could cause the leaves to burn.

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