Medium Calathea Pinstripe
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The medium size Calathea Pinstripe is currently ready to be shipped from our greenhouse (shipping nationwide). It’s scientifically known as the Calathea ornate and casually known as the Pinstripe Plant. Native to South America, the Calathea loves bright rooms and high humidity but can get accustomed to medium light rooms. This compact, dark emerald stunner commands attention in any room with its interestingly striped foliage. See how it looks in your home with our new augmented reality tool located right on the plant photos in our website. All houseplants are carefully wrapped in packaging meant to keep them safe during transit. Order your Calathea Pinstripe ASAP.

Calathea Benefits

The Calathea Pinstripe has a few important benefits that can’t be overlooked. It’s a great air purifier for starters. Not only that, but its large leaves also make it a great plant to place next to others that need indirect bright light, as it can provide a barrier between harsh rays, much like what actually happens in rainforests and jungles. The Calathea is versatile too, it can be a great indoor plant, but you can also keep it outdoors during the appropriate seasons.

Dressed to Impress

Your Calathea ornate gives off an ornamental vibe and highlights any room it’s placed in. It will come dressed to the nines with its sleek, rich, sacramento colored leaves and contrasting strawberry pink pinstripes (sometimes the stripes may appear white). Whether you’re trying to dress up an office space, entertainment room, or entryway, the pinstripe is a head-turner that never disappoints. 

Prayer Plant

Also a part of the ‘Prayer Plant’ or Marantaceae family, the Calathea opens and closes its leaves each day as the daylight moves into night. The leaves also raise or lower slightly when sunlight reaches different points in the day.

Keep it Humid and Filtered

It could be helpful to purchase a humidifier when you bring home your pinstripe plant, as it’s accustomed to weather from the tropics in South America, specifically on balmy rainforest floors. To reenact the lush habitat for your Ornate, it could be helpful to put it in bright, but indirect sunlight, to imitate the tree canopies nearby that normally block layers of the bright sunlight. If the plant receives too much direct exposure to the sun, it could cause the leaves to burn.

 Care Info & Shipping: 
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  • Keep in medium to indirect bright light
  • Pet-friendly
  • Use balanced fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 7 to 10 days
Medium Calathea Pinstripe
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