Medium Ficus Audrey
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It’s getting tough to keep the Ficus Audrey in our greenhouse. Just as we get it in, customers nationwide are taking advantage of our free nationwide shipping and having the medium Ficus Audrey brought right to their front steps. Even customers on the other side of the US can get some love, since Pafe Plants ships all around the United States. Scientifically known as the Ficus benghalensis, this gal is a newer ficus that’s only recently become commercialized. Use our AR tool and your phone to see what Audrey will look like before she gets there. Plant deliveries are also extra packaged to keep them safe!

Ficus Audrey Benefits

Ficus Audrey can adapt to change of scenery and lighting pretty quickly. It can also withstand a few extra days of dryness if you’re out of town or forget to water. Another added health perk of Audrey and all plants is the process of photosynthesis. Your beauty takes in carbon dioxide and other toxins in its quest for food and spits out purified air in return.

Full of Whimsy

This Ficus benghalensis has light, breesy, energy that many plant families enjoy. It’s leathery, olive foliage and caramel-colored stems almost glow in the sun. Audrey also has some cute, bendy trunks that grow cute stems. These Ficus stand tall, but dense with leaves and a few stems poking out. Some Audreys grow in a crooked pattern that makes it like it’s permanently blowing in the wind.

One of Many

Sister to the Ficus Danielle, AKA the high-class Fiddle Leaf Fig, this Audrey is more laid back to and forgiving than the Fiddle. The two plants also have their own unique vibes. They may be a part of the same family, but you will want to make sure you nap ‘em both. While both have one long, brown trunk, the Fiddle’s leaves only start sprouting at the top of the plant and look like spinach. Unlike Audrey, which has narrow, egg-shaped leaves sprouting at the trunk bottom and growing all the way to the top, like a long bush. 

Huge IRL

In real life, the Ficus Audrey is native to the tropics of India and Pakistan, where it can reach gigantic sizes. While the houseplant counterpart is only a few feet tall, Audrey’s in nature have stretched over 100 feet in height. Adding to that, the leaves reach much wider like a tropical rainforest canopy that will jazz up any room. Audrey is quite the lush beauty!

 Care Info & Shipping: 
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  • Keep in indirect bright light
  • Use 3-1-2 fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 2 weeks
Medium Ficus Audrey
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