Medium Neon Pothos

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The medium Neon Pothos is a bold and beautiful selection to add to your home. Not only is it super easy to care for, but its bright, chartreuse green hues will make sure that it stands out in any room setting. The Neon Pothos we have in our greenhouse delivers nationwide in carefully wrapped packaging to keep houseplants safe. A short lil house plant, but each Neon Pothos is unique and grows in its own way. 

Neon Pothos Benefits

Pothos plants are resilient and hard to kill. They won’t wilt if you forget to water them and usually bounce back to optimum health pretty quickly. These plants almost seem to thrive on neglect. On top of all that, they live a long time. When indoors and cared for properly, these babies can live approximately 10 years or more!  

It’s Electric!

The Neon Pothos is electrifying with its yellow and neon green hues. Even the stems look like they are supercharged with volts of electricity with their gold and yellow color. This Pothos will immediately catch the eye of anyone entering the room and keep them there. Spice up any boring space with your new neon baby today. 

You Can Propagate It

This beauty is easy to propagate. If you’re looking to replicate this baby, cut off a healthy piece of stem between 6 to 12 inches and make sure to snip off the lower leaves. Once you’ve done this, place the stem in a glass or vase and add some water. Make sure you only cover the bottom nodes and don’t overwater. Keep nodes submerged and switch out the old water weekly. Soon you’ll start to notice roots, meaning you’ve successfully propagated your pothos.    

It Likes to Hang Out

The Neon Pothos heart-shaped leaves and long swirling vines make it a great hanging plant once it matures a little, as it’s still pretty small at this stage. This neon beauty also looks great on high shelves and windowsills once it's matured, and the vines start to hang. When taken care of properly, the vines can grow several feet long.

Now that you're an expert with the Neon Pothos, order this plant by 7PM est to get this plant shipped out of our greenhouse in New Jersey tomorrow (if you are wondering the arrival time, check with the zipcode validator on top of the Add To Cart). Seriously, our plant shipping solution is truly protective and innovative to ensure your plants arrive safe and intact! In case you were still wondering, we WILL send out the EXACT plant that you picked out, just like that of a local nursery or garden center, except we have more and fresher plants to choose from and you can't find our PAFE fine ceramic planter options anywhere else other than our website :)

For any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Hello@PafePlants.Com or call/text (609)-968-7063!

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